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Dance Plus 4 International SQUAD: Remo D'Souza's Crew Names, Images

Just Like earlier Season of Dance Plus 4, we have the Remo D'Souza's International Squad yet Again who will compete with Team Shakti, Team Punit and Team Dharmesh Dancers Contestants and Crew. Jaja Vankova and B-Dash, Karen Forcano and Ricardo Vega, Popping John, Royal Family Crew of the Girl Dancers are the Contestants Crew from Remo D'Souza's Squad. Here we have the Names, Images, Video Performances of the Ace Worldwide Famous Dancers in Dance +4 Show.

Last Season we have seen Some Internationally Acclaimed Dancers Contestants in Remo D'Souza's Show who have given the Power Packed Dance Competition to the Solo and Group Dancers. Now, We have International Squad Crew Solo, Duo and Group Dancers as mentioned below.

1) Royal Family Crew - 
royal family

ReQuest Dance Crew (also known as ReQuest) are an all-female hip-hop dance crew from Auckland, New Zealand. ReQuest were formed in 2007, with originally five members. They are based out of The Palace Dance Studio in Penrose and Hamilton, and are one of six crews from The Palace, alongside the Royal Family (MegaCrew), Royal Family Varsity (Varsity MegaCrew), Kingsmen (Adults), Sorority (Varsity), and Bubblegum (Junior).

2) Poppin John (Solo)- 
poppin john

American animation dancer who started firstly with popping dance. Watch the Dance Performance Video of Locking and Popping Dancer Poppin John.

3) Karen & Ricardo - (Duo)
Karen & Ricardo

Karen Forcano & Ricardo Vega are from Santiago, Chile. They are salsa dancers and Latin dance instructors. They have many accolades: dancers invited to "Night 10" program Diego Maradona - Argentina 2005, Salsa Contest Winners "Journal fourth" in 2006, Finalists and Winners "Chile country talent show" channel 13 in 2009, Latin American Winners 2005-2009, Lion dancers d` Oscar, Tito Rojas, Prince Royce, extrem and The Go Go in his concerts in Chile, Winners of the 2010 Argentina Open Córdoba, Winners of the 'Giants with Vivi "Megavisión, 2010 program and more.

Watch the Dance Performance Video of Karen & Ricardo.

4) Jaja Vankova & B-Dash - (Duo)
jaja bdash

Jaja Vankova & B-Dash's Dance Performance Video will blow your mind. Watch it.

Jaja Vankova is the Girl HipHop and Animation Dancer who Formed Duo Group by Pairing with BDash, one of the best krumpers in the world. They are now in Remo D'Souza's International Squad. They are Highly Acclaimed Internationally Famous Dancers Solo, Duo and Group Dancers. Now, you can Watch their Power Packed Dance Performances in a Show.

Keep Watching Dance +4 every Saturday-Sunday to have Amazing Performances Videos and Battles with Remo D'Souza's International Dance Squad Members.

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