Friday 5 October 2018

Goggle Gang's Dance Plus 4 Performance will Entertain you

Goggle Gang is a Dancers Group (Crew) who Dances wearing Goggles on eyes. GOGGLE GANG IS The Brand of THE DANCE WORLD which is Formed by Directors DEEPAK & RAVI. Now, Goggle Gang in on Dance Plus Season 4. Watch their Belly Dancing Animated moves during one of their Chikni Chameli Performance Video. It's Not a Google Gang. It is a Goggle Gang.

goggle gang
They are very Great at Animation, Popping, Robotics and Belly Dancing as well. They forms Amazing Co-Ordination in their Dance Video and now they are here to impress everyone and entertain on the set of Dance Plus 4 Show.

Watch Goggle Gang's Chikni Chameli Performance Video Sneak Peeks.

Keep Watching Dance +4 every Saturday-Sunday 8 PM on Star Plus Channel.

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