Wednesday 10 October 2018

Mohan Singh in Dance Plus 4 will give you best Feelings: Video

Mohan Singh is Hiphop and Lyrical Dancer from Kathmandu, Nepal. He is the Founder and a Dance Teacher at The Unique Crew in India. He remained Contestant on Dance India Dance Sesson 6. He was the Winner of Indias first lyrical battle FEEL season 2 2017. Now Mohan Singh is in Dance Plus 4, Remo D'Souza's Show.

Mohan Singh is Not just the Ordinary dancer but He can Feel and express the Music in a best Way. Watch the Dance Performances of Mohan Singh. How he impressed Judges, Host of the Show by giving Lyrical Performance. Mohan Singh belongs to Team Punit Pathak in Dance Plus Season 4.

Watch the Mohan Singh's Dance Performance Video of Dance +4 Show it will make you feel Special.

Keep Watching Dance Plus Season 4 every Saturday-Sunday 8 PM to have Amazing Lyrical and HipHop Performances of Mohan Singh.