Friday 5 October 2018

V Unbeatable Crew in Dance Plus 4: Meet the Group of talented Dancers

Just Like the V Company Crew in Dance Plus Season 1, we have one more Crew named V Unbeatable in Dance Plus Season 4. They are Group of talented Individual Dancers having great Co-Ordination. They are almost 30+ dancers doing Dance and Stunts on Bollywood Songs. They have great Synchronization and Skills.

v unbeatable

Dharmesh Yelande (Dance +4 captain) revealed the Truth that 3 years back, one of the Dancer from V Unbeatable Crew died doing Stunts in their Dance Performance. The mother of that Dancer came of Dance Plus Stage and revealed "V Unbeatable Crew is here to Complete the Dream of her Son"

V Unbeatable Dance Group have been Awarded for Several Times in a Competition and Dance Shows. V Unbeatable Group runs their Dance Studio called "V Unbeatable Dance Studio" and teaches Several Dance Forms, Yoga, Zumba, Acting and Gymnastics. They are Here on Dance Plus 4 to Show their Unique Talents in a Show.

Watch the Dance Performance Video of V Unbeatable Crew in Dance Plus 4.

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