Wednesday 19 May 2021

Wild Card Entry in Dance Deewane 3 | Registration, Submit Audition Video!

Colors TV's Dance Deewane 3 reached to the mid-way and now makers have announced the Wild Card Entry for the aspirants. Those who thinks they are good dancers, irrespective of their age, they can be part of the show. Dance Deewane 3 Wild Card Entry Audition Registration Started officially. Submit your Video Entry. Fill in the Simple Registration form on Voot or Myjio App or website.

wild card entry dance deewane 3

To Send in your Entries, Login to Myjio App or Voot App or website. Also you can email on id

Eligibility Criteria: The minimum age required for participation in this Audition and the Program (if selected thereafter) shall be 4 (four) years (“Age criteria”), at the time of registering for this Audition; however, for the purpose of internal categorization as per the format of the Show, the participant categories shall be as follows:

- Children: 4 (four) to 14 (fourteen) years old

- Adults: 15 (fifteen) to 34 (thirty four) years old

- Seniors: 35 (thirty five) years old and onwards 

Registration / participation through Email Mechanism: The ‘Audition Period’ for wild card entries shall commence from 9th January 2021 and shall conclude on 11th February 2021 or such other date and time as decided and updated by Viacom18, as per its sole discretion “Closing hours”.

Registration / participation through Voot App and/or Voot Website: The Audition Period shall commence from 15th May 2021 and shall tentatively conclude on 31st May 2021.

Requirements of the Audition Video: The Audition Video should contain a dance video as performed and recorded by the Participant. The Participants shall be solely responsible and liable at his / her sole costs for the song/music as used and synchronized by the Participant in its Audition Video.

Duration of the Audition Video: The Participant shall ensure that the maximum duration of the Audition Video shall be 1 (one) minute and any Audition Video exceeding the aforesaid criteria shall be rejected.

(a) Size of the Audition Video: The maximum permitted size of the Audition Video can be 50 MB. 
(b) Technical Specifications: The Audition Video file can be uploaded by the Participant in the following formats: avi, mov, mp4 or any other regular video format.
(c) Number of times the Audition Video can be sent / uploaded: The Participant may upload and/or submit his/her Audition Video through any of the Participation Mechanisms, multiple number of times before the Closing hours of the Audition Period.

Viacom18 at its sole discretion may either select the Audition Video as submitted on either of the Participation Mechanisms by the same Participant as an entry for the purpose of Audition and subsequent selection.

To Send in your Entries for Dance Deewane 3 Wild Card Auditions, Login to Myjio App or Voot App or website. Also you can email on id



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